A young girl sits with Elmo and her family and reads flashcards.

School Readiness

Simple ways to lay the foundation for learning.

Rudy Gets Ready for School

Bridging the gap between home and school can help kids feel safe and secure in the classroom. Watch how Rudy’s dad, Freddy, asks questions and involves himself in Rudy’s school.

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An adult holds the hand of a child as the walk through a door held open by another adult wearing a mask.
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Growing Together

Take an interactive course to learn of ways to partner with families for school readiness across every aspect of child development.

School Readiness
Ages 3–5
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Rosita and blocks.
Featured Podcast
The Ready for School Challenge
Together with your little one, listen anytime, anywhere to real kids, real parents, a real teacher, and Elmo—all on the topic of school!
Abby and a girl playing.

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