Watch this video together with children. In it, Elmo, Rosita, Wes, and Ji-Young are sharing their special instruments. They each play them on their own, then join together to make their own unique sound of togetherness and community.  

After viewing, you might: 

  • Point out Ji-Young explained that she made up her song for her halmoni—her grandmother. Ask children what they call their grandmothers. What word do you use for yours? Can you say “grandmother” in a language other than English?  
  • Remind children that Elmo thinks the word halmoni sounds like harmony. Explain that harmony is when different musical sounds come together in the same song, like the friends’ song. They made a new sound… by working together.  
  • If children aren’t familiar with Trinidadian steel drums, like the one Wes made, look them up online and listen to the music they make. Have a family dance, like Rosita did with her tías (aunts) and cousins. What music does your family like to enjoy together?  
  • Make some of your own instruments, like Elmo’s shaker (a paper towel tube with rice inside), or a clean oatmeal container and a wooden spoon.