Rosita sits with a young boy and his parents on a hilltop overlooking water.

Military Families

We’re here to help equip families with child-friendly tools to tackle the unique challenges of military life.

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Explore our free, bilingual resources to help support Miltary families.

A young boy plays on a tablet with his parents and with Elmo.

Military Caregiving

When a loved one needs extra support and home care assistance, it can mean big adjustments for everyone in the family. For military and veteran families, these transitions can mean a unique set of challenges.

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Big Bird with a Military family
Sesame Street for Military Families
Explore military parenting advice and tips to find information on self-expression, positive parenting, and answers to common concerns of Military families.
A moving truck.
Featured App
The Big Moving Adventure
Make moving fun! Young children can create their own Muppets of Sesame Street friends and help them through the moving process.