A young boy plays on a tablet with his parents and with Elmo.

Military Caregiving

When a loved one needs extra support and home care assistance, it can mean big adjustments for everyone in the family. For military and veteran families, these transitions can mean a unique set of challenges.

Rosita and Her Parents Talk About Family Caregiving

A parent’s injuries after military service can affect routines and responsibilities, but family teamwork can help you face these changes and thrive during them.

Military Caregiving: Hope and Healing Together

A parent’s injuries can affect routines and responsibilities, but families can hope and heal together.

Featured Courses for Providers
Supporting Caregiving Families

A series of resources to help providers support military and veteran caregiving families.

All Military Caregiving Resources

Find resources, activities, and videos to help you and your family handle military caregiving and what it means.

Rosita at a picnic with a family.

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