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For decades, Sesame has brought joy and learning to the lives of children across Europe.

Our first co-production outside the US, Germany’s Sesamstrasse was the template for adapting our approach to different needs and cultures around the world, in close partnership with local experts. As other co-productions followed and thrived, Sesamstrasse set the stage for our broader impact in Europe.

Through media, design and distribution partnerships that bring our characters into the lives of millions, and our local office in Germany, we’re reaching more children and families across Europe than ever. Sesamstrasse has been bringing the magic of Sesame Street to children for decades, while new spinoff Sesame Street Mecha Builders brings STEM learning to kids in the UK and in Germany — where runaway hit Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck is also being reimagined, as Krümelmonster’s Foodie Truck with celebrity chef Steffen Henssler.

In areas marked by conflict, families use Sesame resources to support children with the early learning and social-emotional skills that can help them overcome adversity and thrive.

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Supporting Families Affected by Crisis
Our free Ukrainian-language learning resources and videos are designed to help families cope with the trauma of forced displacement, process what they are experiencing, and develop a sense of belonging in new places.

Millions of children have grown up with Sesamstrasse, celebrating its 50th anniversary throughout 2023! Created for 3- to 5-year-olds, the show encourages creative play, asking questions, and using active imaginations. Characters tackle issues like sharing and taking turns, protecting the environment, and mutual respect and understanding — especially relevant for the diverse population of modern Germany.


The Dutch version of Sesame Street has taught generations of preschoolers about letters and numbers while helping them develop important social and emotional skills.

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Sesame Workshop Launches Resources for Families Affected by Crises in Afghanistan and Ukraine